15 Mar

Have You Fully Explored the Benefits of a Hosted VoIP Company?

Businesses can simplify phone system operations with the services of a hosted VoIP company. Voice over IP eliminates the frustrations of traditional business phone systems and makes operating them easier than ever before.

Talk of new technology can often stir a slew of negative emotions in people, especially if their core business or skills lie outside of the tech industry. Certain hi-tech changes just feel intimidating.

Like consumers, business owners considering a switch to a hosted VoIP company will have a lot of questions about Internet telephony. It is not always easy however to gain good, clear access to information.

Many businesses are making a switch to voice over IP for business phone services. In a nutshell, this allows them to make and receive phone calls via the Internet rather than the old PTSN (public switched telephone network). You may also have heard that these services are provided by what’s known as a hosted VoIP company.

Businesses can expect the following from a hosted VoIP company. At minimum, they will provide:

1. Phone services via the Internet
2. Storage and maintenance of the software, files, and components that run your business phone service
3. Optional add-on features that match or exceeds your existing business phone system

When you choose a hosted VoIP service, it simplifies internal phone operations significantly. It eliminates the need for storage of phone equipment within the office since everything is kept stored with the VoIP provider.

VoIP Business Phone Service Trumps Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP business phone service not only offer businesses a wider range of calling features than traditional phone networks. It also provides these services at much cheaper rates. At a minimum, you should be offered call routing, call recording, voicemail transcription, and a group calling feature with your VoIP business service.

While there is usually always a correlation between price and quality when buying, VoIP is different. VoIP is overall an inexpensive technology. The variations that you see in pricing will usually relate to usage volume as opposed to the quality of service. The fewer users required by your company, the lower your price plan will be.

How Do Enterprise VoIP Solutions Fair Against Traditional Phone Services?

Enterprise VoIP solutions take standard voice over IP services up a notch when it comes to robust services. Typically enterprise VoIP solutions are designed to meet the needs of large corporations and big organizations. If you plan to have many phone extensions and many users on your phone system, at a certain threshold, your VoIP provider will recommend an enterprise solution.

Advantages of a Hosted VoIP Service Provider

A hosted VoIP service provider will take care of all the technical aspects of configuring and maintaining your VoIP and PBX systems that will eliminate the need to hire and pay for maintenance crews on a regular basis. The luxury of a relatively hands-off PBX system is a significant improvement on traditional business phone systems. With VoIP, you will use an online control panel to set up office extensions, call forwarding, and other features quickly and easily.