01 Dec

Exploring 2015’s Top Hosted Phone Systems

The country’s Top hosted phone systems are in a race to win your business. So what can these VoIP providers offer U.S. businesses and how can they decide which VoIP provider is the best for them?

Like it or not, it is merely a matter of time before every business large or small converts its phone system to voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP services use Internet technology to send and receive voice communications. It is also used to send multimedia.

Today, the nation’s top hosted phone systems are in aggressive competition to win new business. There is no doubt that this level of competition leads to the richer selection of added-on features included in business VoIP packages which is something businesses can take advantage of as they plan their switch to voice over IP.

What should decision-makers know before deciding on a VoIP provider? First, they must lay out their business phone needs before shopping for a VoIP provider. Depending on their needs, businesses may or may not need one of the top hosted phone systems. The ultimate goal should always be to find a plan that best suits the distinct needs of the business.

Uncovering the Best VoIP Phone Service Rates

VoIP is a much more economic option for business phone services. VoIP rates are increasingly competitive. Bear in mind that the best VoIP phone service rates can be found within both small and large VoIP providers. Many smaller VoIP companies provide equal levels of quality and reliability.

Low-Cost PBX Solutions That Work for Businesses

Businesses can take advantage of extremely low-cost PBX solutions without any significant compromise in quality. PBX systems allow businesses to replicate the traditional phone exchanges that businesses have used for years. Today, this happens through the use of digital phone technology. Low-cost PBX solutions are just as good at providing a range of office phone extensions and providing business-class phone services.

Voice over IP PBX systems offers businesses considerable cost savings. Current low-cost PBX solutions usually include all of the features, services, and benefits of high-end solutions. Remember, competition between VoIP providers is rife, so a low-cost PBX solutions do not necessarily equate to a compromise in quality.

Here are some of the features you should look for bare minimum, when considering a VoIP solution: call routing, call recording, voicemail transcription, group calling and all of the other standard calling features you enjoyed with your traditional business phone system.

Choosing the Best Hosted VoIP Provider for Your Business

Businesses and decision makers naturally have questions as they attempt to find the best hosted VoIP provider. It is important to find a company that has a good reputation, has efficient service response times and policies that clearly demonstrate that they are concerned with satisfying their customers.

Each of the top hosted phone systems offer a similar suite of services however customer service and customer satisfaction is often where the problems lie. Don’t forget to check customer reviews for the VoIP provider you are considering. While you should not reject a company for one or two bad reviews, customer feedback should give you a broad enough range of opinions to make an informed decision.